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Busy moms out there? This one is for you! As busy as we can get, it is extremely important that we remember to nourish and fill our own emotional cups from time to time. I know that for myself, I am at my best (as a wife & mother) when I have taken care of myself and feel refreshed & renewed. I am a huge fan of girls nights & taking a break so as soon as I heard about the new Callie Collection – I knew that a relaxed Girls Night was in order. The new Callie Collection is sourced in the beautiful central coast of California and features an easy twist off/twist on cork!We have been so thankful for our 3 years in Arizona and all the amazing things we have done, but more importantly the incredible people we have met. I never thought that Dental School would bring me life long friends that not only have been a huge support system, but some of the greatest people we have ever met.

Of course, in my book a good girls night equals some snacks, a good drink & either a craft (like my last girls night) or just snuggling on the couch while we watch Bachelor and catch up during commercial breaks. I love how easy it is to talk with Best Friends and how the conversation flows so flawlessly from birthing babies, to breastfeeding, to marriage, school, traveling & our latest hobbies, favorite tv shows & our goals and dreams for the future.

I couldn’t wait to use this new cheese & crackers platter I found with several different crackers & cheeses that I knew would be delicious with the Callie Collection Chardonnay. The new line also has a Pinot Grigio and a Red Blend that also sound delicious. Setting up a cheese and cracker platter is as easy as picking out three – four different crackers & cheeses. I line up all the crackers first, and then the cheese & make sure to include several knives, cheese cutters, or just pre-cut the cheese so it is easier to eat!

So now that you have your snacks, it’s time to decorate wine glasses! Wine glasses can be purchased at any grocery store and range in price, but I usually like to choose a cheaper one when I am going to decorate it. Creating a chalkboard wine glass is as easy as painting on a few layers of chalkboard paint that you can scour before with some sandpaper for good measure. Then painfully wait while it dries before you add your chalk….(drink a glass during this process, just be careful!)

Then, sit back and get your craft/relax on with your girls.

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