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We absolutely love a good girls night in shared with our closest girlfriends, delicious appetizers, and of course amazing wine! There’s just something about spending time with your girls while enjoying a glass of wine and catching up that is so rejuvenating and uplifting. These nights always end up being some of our favorites and are inevitably filled with lots of laughter, great conversation, and sweet memories.

We were thrilled to discover  Callie Collection Wine recently and it made the perfect addition to our girls wine night! You can also follow along on social for more information. We love red blends and the Callie Collection Fresh Red Blend is fantastic! It’s the perfect red wine to bring to dinner with friends or to your next girls wine night. Also, we don’t usually drink white wines, unless we’re talking champagne, so we were pleasantly surprised when we really enjoyed Callie Collection’s Pinto Grigio. They also make a Chardonnay. All of the wines are well balanced and easy to drink and Callie Collection pays tribute to the beautiful California Central Coast where their wines are sourced.

We enjoyed three delicious appetizers with the Callie Collection wine for our girls night. The appetizers included: Arugula Prosciutto Balsamic Flat Bread, Bacon Wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese, and Feta-Jalapeno Dip. Our dear friend Megan prepared the Bacon Wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese and Feta Jalapeno Dip, which were both mouth-watering! The Pinot Grigio paired perfectly with the Arugula Prosciutto Balsamic Flat Bread and the Fresh Red Blend (our favorite) paired wonderfully with the Bacon Wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese.

Another amazing feature of the Callie Collection wine is the easy twist off/twist on cork (Helix closure). It’s convenient as well because we were able to twist the cork back on to save the wine we didn’t drink for the next day. This feature renders the need for a cork screw unnecessary and makes Callie Collection wine a true innovator in the industry.

There’s just something about sharing a delicious glass of wine with your closest friends that leads to the best nights filled with endless laughter and good times had by all! We are strong believers in the power of food and wine to bring people together, especially when shared freely and generously. Who’s with us ladies!?


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