Picture Perfect Memories


From Hilary Duff

Whenever I have friends over, I always have an instant film camera or two available and encourage people to take photos throughout the night and commemorate their shots with a cute string and clothing pin display. Guests can take their favorite photo home at the end of the night, and the strung-up print outs make a cute post-able moment too! If you want to customize it a bit more, buy colorful clothespins and ribbon or string that matches the colors of your party décor to help set the mood!


Colorful ribbon or string to match your party décor

Thumbtacks or tape

Bright clothespins

Instant film cameras

Plenty of film


Cut three pieces of ribbon or string of equal length to a size that fits your wall space.
Leaving a little slack in the middle, pin each end of the ribbon to the wall—if you can’t use thumbtacks, tape works too.
Repeat this with the other two pieces of ribbon to make two more rows. Clip clothespins to the ribbons.

Put out one or two instant film cameras and encourage your guests to take pictures. Have your guests clip their pictures to the ribbons for everyone to see.
At the end of the night, invite your guests to pick out 2 or 3 of their favorite pictures as a favor.

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